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East Coast Property Map

Virtual Tour Instructions

Visitors to the Roizman.com Virtual Tour will be able to get an overview of the properties within this site by seeing the buildings the way our residents do. We've used a mix of traditional photography and 360º iPix photography to give you the best overall impression of the rooms and facilities within the site.

To view a standard photograph, please click on the small thumbnail image to enlarge it to its original size. The full size image will open in a larger viewing screen using javascript programming. If you click on a thumbnail and nothing appears to happen, please check to ensure the window is not already open (underneath another window). If it does not appear at all, your internet browser may have javascript disabled. This is commonly turned off by high internet security settings and pop-up blocking software. We at Roizman Development ensure your privacy while visiting our website, so please feel free to enable javascript and enjoy our Virtual Tour.

iPix LogoOur 360º iPix photography will allow you to view a room or feature in our property in a full 360º virtual enviornment. To open the iPix images, please click on the small thumbnail image. Use your mouse cursor to navigate around the iPix room. By moving the mouse cursor left, right, up and down you will be able to turn the photo around, much like standing in the center of a circular room. You are also able to zoom into the iPix photo to enlarge details by holding the mouse button down. Move the mouse up while holding the button to zoom in and move the mouse down while holding the button to zoom out. If you are using an old internet browser, you may need to add the iPix plugin to view our Virtual Tour properly. You can download it for free by clicking here > iPix Plugin.

If you have any problems opening our Virtual Tour presentation, please feel free to contact our tech support personnel via email at tech@roizman.com.

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