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Philosophy of Resident Relations

Resident relations is a vital concern in all Roizman-directed developments. We believe properties can only be effectively structured through a process of inclusion, integration, and teamwork, not only to benefit existing residents but also to revitalize the site and strengthen the surrounding neighborhood.

The Roizman team has an exceptional record of maintaining positive resident relations and encouraging resident participation in all the varied aspects of community life. Our goal is to create peaceful, viable, self-sustaining communities that will remain attractive for many years. We believe this can only be achieved by encouraging regular communication among residents, management, and the owners.

Roizman understands the importance of empowering residents to achieve greater self-esteem, and nurturing economic independence, especially in light of welfare reform. As a result, Roizman invests much effort and resources in providing in-house training programs and self-sufficiency curricula designed to enhance marketable skills and provide access and opportunities for our residents. We offer a variety of services, including general education, substance abuse counseling and treatment, childcare services with non-traditional hours, transportation support, job training, and computer training. Also, through individual and family assessments, we identify residents who are interested in leadership roles, thus forming the foundation of active resident associations.

Wherever possible, we supplement our successful experience encouraging resident involvement in our communities by working closely with local non-profit social service organizations. These alliances help us to ensure that the services offered are effectively integrated with local community resources, to avoid wasteful duplication. Roizman has always demonstrated unsurpassed knowledge, creativity, and energy in creating positive relationships with our residents, helping them achieve a lasting improvement in the quality of their community and in the quality of their own lives.

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