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Logan Terrace Townhomes

Sales Price

All units at Logan Terrace Townhomes will be deed restricted pursuant to HUD's Requirements to ensure compliance with rules and regulations as they relate to the Home Ownership Plan.

Prices listed below are first mortgage purchase price. Buyers participating in the Logan Terrace Townhomes Ownership Program will receive a tenant improvement allowance from the Chester Housing Authority to make up the difference between first mortgage purchase price and unit market value of $341,067.00 which is defined as total development cost of the unit.

# of Units Unit Type Unit Size Tier 1 Tier 2
24 3 Bedrooms
2½ Baths
1,776 SF $100,000 $110,000


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  Application And Eligibility Process
  Selection Criteria
  Preference Status
  Income Limits
  Sales Price
  Use Of Sales Proceeds And Restrictive Covenants   Contact Information

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