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Logan Terrace Townhomes

Application And Eligibility Process

All prospective buyers who wish to submit an application may do so by sending the Logan Terrace Townhomes downloadable application to 832 Germantown Pike, Suite 5, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 C/O Hadar Roizman.

Please be aware that a $50.00 application fee in the form of money order or check must be submitted with your application, no application will be processed without submission of the fee. Please make check or money order payable to "Logan Terrace Townhomes"

Click here to download the Logan Terrace Townhomes application

All individuals who submit an application for home ownership will be subject to the following qualification process:

  • All potential homebuyers must submit an application for Eligibility and Good Standing.
  • All applications will be date and time stamped and logged into a waiting list, as well as a preliminary review of applicant information to determine income qualifications will be done using the applicant's reported information.
  • A credit and criminal report will be obtained on each applicant to comply with selection criteria.
  • An initial meeting will be scheduled at the developer's local location with each applicant that is found to be of good credit and criminal standards. In addition, the following information will be collected from each applicant.
    • current consecutive pay stubs for each household member over the age of 18 with a third party verification of income.
    • 3 current consecutive month's copies of any banking or assets that each adult household member may have including a third party verification.
    • 2 current year 1040 and W2 for each adult household member.
    • Copies of birth certificates, social security cards on all household members as well as photo ID for all adult household members.
  • During the eligibility verification period, the applicant must provide a pre-qualification from a financial institute showing that they qualify and are able to obtain first mortgage financing in the amount necessary to the income targeted purchase price.
  • Applicant must show that they have down payment funds available in the amount stipulated by the mortgage commitment.
  • A Tenant Income Certification will be generated using the information collected from each applicant as well as the verified information.
  • The Chester Housing Authority will approve tenant Income Certification prior to the potential homebuyer execution of the Agreement of Sale.

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