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Mixed Finance Experience

Temple Gardens
Temple Gardens
Baltimore, Maryland

Temple Gardens
Revitalization Development
Paterson, New Jersey
The members of the Roizman team have impressive backgrounds in all aspects of mixed finance development. Our team is skilled in creating and sustaining working relationships with renowned financial institutions, investment corporations and federal, state and local finance agencies.

Nearly each financing structure Roizman implements involves the utilization of low-income housing tax credit-derived private equity funding and at least one other source of funds — most often a combination of public and private sources. Few development teams in the industry have comparable experience or success in accessing all of the potential funding sources available. The competition for low-income housing tax credit allocations is ever increasing, but we are a recognized authority in creative financial solutions for accessing and maximizing these essential funding resources.

While application requirements for funding are complex and differ from state to state, the members of the Roizman team have mastered this process through first-hand experience and a network of knowledgeable real estate professionals, consultants and advisors who quickly determine the primary area of focus. We have particular experience in HOPE VI developments, which make up approximately 20% of our portfolio, demonstrating a striking 100% success rate in these HOPE VI applications.

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