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About Roizman Development, Inc.

At  Roizman & Companies, we believe in developing real estate communities: envisioning what a community could be—or even should be—and working to make that vision, a reality.

By combining this forward-thinking philosophy with our expertise at assembling effective teams of uniquely qualified professionals and developing individualized financing structures for each development, we have become one of the most knowledgeable, diverse, and successful real estate developers and property management companies in the industry.

We develop successful complex real estate initiatives by integrating a visionary development company, Roizman Development Inc., with a hands-on management company, S.H.N.I.R. Apartment Management Corp. The highly skilled professionals in these two divisions work together to formulate a unique perspective on how development initiative should evolve, from site selection through development, construction, lease-up and operation. We believe that the business of real estate is also the business of people. Our developments represent a long-term commitment to our residents and their communities. We work hard to empower and support our residents, helping them to enjoy a sense of pride in themselves and their living environment, regardless of their socio-economic status.

This resident-based approach works: Roizman developments have all experienced remarkable long-term success.

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